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Some of my images are for sale as prints in sizes up to 30 x 20 inches. The ones on this page  have already been printed to this size (or 24 x 24 inches for square format images) - click on the image to see a larger, higher resolution version (your prints will not have the watermark). Other images from this website, or my Instagram feed, may also be suitable for printing. Please contact me if you would like one of these instead (I will let you know if the image is suitable).

Images will be professionally printed by Loxley Colour in Scotland and will be posted, anywhere in the world, directly to you by them.

For those of you who live in the US, I use White House Custom Colour, which will save you from having to pay import duty. I also use this lab for Canada but duty will be payable.

There is a slight difference in the colour of the inks used in America and Europe. If you have a preference for the colours of one region over the other, prints can be sent to anywhere in the world from either company (remember that customs duty may have to be added to the cost of the prints). Both labs offer canvas wraps and prints on aluminium for those who are looking for something different. Loxley also provide prints behind acrylic - WHCC will put an acrylic cover on an aluminium print but this is not the same as the acrylic prints offered by the Scottish printer. WHCC and Loxley both offer framing and mounting options. Choose your options from their websites and I will quote you a price (the printing prices quoted on the websites do not include my image fees). Not all print sizes are available in all the different materials from both printers.

My charges for basic prints can be found here for Loxley and here for WHCC.

Postage and packaging (and customs duty) will vary depending on what you are ordering and where you live. I will only pass on the actual costs charged by the labs for providing this service.

I haven't set up an e-commerce page yet (and am unlikely to do so before December) so please contact me directly if you are interested. I will let you know the final price before you are asked to confirm your order. Payment will be in GB Pounds through Paypal.